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tradition is motion
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the pursuit of excellence

In the heart of this gastronomic temple

Restaurant Paul Bocuse is an iconic gourmet restaurant which transcends borders and symbolises France’s prestigious culinary heritage.

Here, in this restaurant on the banks of the Saône, Paul Bocuse developed his own legendary story: with its emblematic colours and baroque accents, L’Auberge was shaped by this master of French cuisine, who had such a profound respect for local products and ingredients and was so meticulous about the cooking process, with an unfailing focus on simplicity.

For more than 50 years, the Chef of the Century, this fascinating, fascinated, humble and generous man, passed on his philosophy to a faithful few; today, they are eager today to share the unique nature of their friend Paul and his restaurant, inspired by his values: the pursuit of excellence, a warm welcome and genuine friendship, generosity and a love of French cuisine.

With their unrivalled expertise, the talented and meticulous Bocuse team welcome you to a truly unique venue, a veritable institution, where you will enjoy a show staged with the ultimate skill, in which each act highlights a different era in the history of French cuisine.

Bresse Chicken in a pig’s bladder à la Mère Fillioux

Paul Bocuse,
gourmet restaurant

A talented team at the helm

There’s more to Paul Bocuse’s team than its prestige: this enthusiastic team is here to help as it works to immortalise the rich history of this restaurant.

Paul Bocuse was always driven by his desire to share experiences, passions and skills. In the dining room and in the kitchen, every team member boasts the culinary expertise and the key skills required by this unique approach.

Sea bass en croûte, choron sauce

The identity: stimulation for the 5 senses

The 1970s saw the advent of a movement called “Nouvelle Cuisine”; Paul Bocuse quickly became one of the most renowned ambassadors of this style of cooking, both in France and around the world.
At the time, nouvelle cuisine was a genuinely revolutionary concept, a far cry from the dogmatic nature of haute cuisine, unchanged since the 19th century and focused on heavy, fatty and pretentious dishes.

According to this new movement, the five senses were to be stimulated and ingredients were to be showcased (no longer drowned by overly rich accompaniments). With quicker cooking times, locally sourced products, shorter menus, lighter sauces, simplified presentation and a search for innovation, the possibilities were endless.

Red Mullet by Paul Bocuse

Today, the iconic matrix of Paul Bocuse’s dishes has inspired generations of chefs; each dish served at Restaurant Paul Bocuse is the result of this inspiring environment.