Tradition in motion

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Restaurant Paul Bocuse

Tradition in motion

Today, the team includes 5 holders of the prestigious title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France and a World Champion, but when asked about their work, they all focus on the message they want to share. 

Having inherited the philosophy of the Chef of the Century, they want to do more than just reproduce Paul Bocuse’s iconic recipes to perfection. 

Behind the scenes, they work together, precisely and meticulously, driven by a sense of respect, a feeling of boldness and an intense desire to immortalise the Pope of Gastronomy here in Restaurant Paul Bocuse.  

The very idea of “tradition in movement” ensures a future for his legacy.

This approach aims to immortalise a spirit, a style, a world, a signature. It involves reproducing the iconic dishes expected by an international clientele and creating new and perfectly balanced recipes with which to surprise diners.

Since Paul Bocuse’s death in 2018, the restaurant has been completely redesigned, the kitchen has been renovated, the upstairs lounges have been transformed into veritable showcases, several new recipes deemed exceptional by food critics have been added to the menu, plate presentation and dining room service have been improved and the dessert trolley boasts a range of dishes inspired by a new sense of freedom.

Here, we’re embracing the concept of tradition in movement.